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Announcing our newly redesigned EDU-KATE/K-5
Spring/Fall 2017-16, sponsored by Angeles Mesa Presbyterian Church,
DESCRIPTION This    2014-15    school    year    we    offer    a    new    emphasis    on academic   excellence   through   our   After   School   program   EDU- –  –    TUTORIAL  – Enrichment and ESTEEM -Development )
We    offer    a    bible    based    program    in    a    safe    and    caring environment   for   Before   School   Care,   After   School   Care,   and Break Camp (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). Our   Before   School   Care   allows   parents   to   drop   students   off   by 7:30    am    before    school    and    ensures    that    students    have breakfast and will be to school on time. Our    After    School    Care    program    emphasizes    on    academic excellences      by      assisting      the      students      with      homework completion   and   study   skills.      Our   Break   Camp   offers   academics, Bible Class, Arts and Crafts, sports and more. Education is important year around. FACT: Research shows that teachers typically spend 4 to 6 weeks re- teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer. After School Care Education,   Social   Skills   and   balanced   nutrition   are   important   for   our students to thrive in school and in life.    Our   teachers   will   assist   students   with   homework.   Students   will   enjoy a   healthy   snack   to   help   recharge   them   to   complete   homework.      Once homework   and   required   reading   is   completed   students   are   able   to   join in indoor/outdoor activities. Break Camp School    breaks    are    a    breeze    with    Edu-KATE.        With    Edu-KATE students will stay on top of academics while on break.  Our    program    offers    breakfast,    P.E.,    nack,    Bible    class,    education, reading,    lunch,    sports,    community    clean-up,    and    arts    and    crafts. Students      will      learn      to      appreciate      the      community      through community/nature walks.
1 . Our    program    is    based    on    the pillars      of      Academic’s,      Bible Enrichment and Health & Fitness 2 . We   value   integrity,   learning,   and human     dignity     to     create     an environment   of   loyalty   and   trust within     our     program     and     our community.
Academic Excellence Core Values
3. We reinforce the need for respect and courtesy for our students, parents and each other’s we build the self confidence and self esteem
Rates by the Week Registration Fee                      $35/$20 ~Per Family~ Before School Care      **$20.00 ** Will Increase to $25 on October 1, 2016 $10 off Before Care if enrolled in our After School Care or Break Camp After School Care        $40.00 ~Pupil Free Days included~ Daily Rate        $25.00 Pupil Free Day Only        $35.00 Late Fee        $20.00 (Late Free applies per day after 6pm) Break Camp       $100.00
Sponsored by Angeles Mesa Presbyterian Church
3751 W. 54TH Street Los Angeles, CA 90043 Phone: (323) 293-7121
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