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Drama Production! I bring 21 years of theatrical experience and passion for the performing arts, which includes my past appointment as the Director of the AMPC’s Drama Ministry, the knowledge of games and activities to motivate and teach people how to communicate and develop their God-given talents; and my talent and leadership in Christian hip-hop dance.
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Technology & Drama

Elder Micah Cyrus

Looking for something dynamic and fun? The amazing Technology and Drama Ministry is a new do-it-yourself working ministry at Angeles Mesa Presbyterian Church (AMPC) that provides activities for youth participation and opportunities for young adults to provide leadership in the church, and produces videos and knockout performances for special events.  This intergenerational team shares one assignment desk and conducts training in theatrical sound and lighting, stage set building, and camera training and video editing.
I’m producing my own films, and I want them to portray positive messages, because these days the media shows so many things that don’t have good morals.  It is up to me and people who share the same desire to share these positive values to the world through film.  I’m very strong in my Christian faith and I strongly believe God gave me this talent for making films, including comedy, that I know will promote positive thinking.
I am extremely passionate about working with youth.  I’ve spent many of my summers with the Presbytery of the Pacific and Hawaii’s National Black Presbyterian Caucus, as a camper and youth counselor, and I have learned over the years that a week of ministry can make a huge impact on the lives of young people, if not all of them.  My participation reflects my personal faith and commitment to the Christian church and helps me to remember the journey I went through when I truly accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.  Also, it allows me to be a witness to others about God.
Our team’s ministry goals into the vision for the ministry and mission of the church are: 1. To keep the growing number of youth and young adult members engaged in ministry; 2. To integrate technology into Worship, making it an interactive experience; and 3. To assist in community out-reach activities through dance, music, film, and drama productions.
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