Angeles Mesa Presbyterian Church
Deacon’s Care Ministry
Sandwich Ministry to Downtown Homeless
Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:40 “truly I tell you, just as you did if for one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it for me.” 
Deacon   Deborah   Jones   is   the   Moderator   of   the   Deacon   Board.   The   Deacon Board   meets   on   the   third   Wednesday   of   each   month   at   5:30pm,   where   we discuss   the   logistics   of   events,   activities   and   tasks   that   incorporate   the   Deacon Duties.   On   a   monthly   basis   the   Deacons   are   blessed   to   be   able   to   supply   the needs   of   our   church   as   we   share   the   opportunity   to   partake   of   God's   supper. During   the   holidays   we   provide   love   tokens   for   our   sick   and   shut-in   visitations and sponsor grocery market gift cards for AMPC families in need. Throughout   the   year   we   bless   AMPC   individuals   and   families   that   have   financial burdens   due   to   loss   of   jobs   or   are   met   with   unexpected   financial   burdens.   The Deacons also are responsible for the Home-going Repasts of AMPC Members. The   AMPC   Deacon   Board   joined   and   supports   the   mission   and   stewardship   of the   Sandwich   Ministry.   Lead   by   Deacon   Sharon   Shaw,   and   with   other   local churches   in   the   Presbytery,   Angeles   Mesa   Deacons   participates   in   the   Sandwich Ministry.   This   is   an   opportunity   for   our   church   to   supply   the   venue   to   meet   and arrange   for   preparation   and   distribution   of   sandwiches   and   other   items   to   the homeless living on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. The   AMPC   Deacon   Board,   collaborating   with   the   Woman’s   Association   hosts our   Annual   Woman/Deacon’s   Day   Service   around   the   fourth   Sunday   afternoon of September each year. The   Deacons   look   forward   to   continuing   to   serve   the   needs   of   the   church   and community   as   set   forth   in   the   Book   of   Order.   The   Deacons   are   preparing   to further   study   their   role   in   the   life   of   the   Church   as   the   Presbyterian   Tradition looks   to   Deacons   to   become   larger   bridges   between   the   congregation   and   the community. Mark   10:43-45."...whoever   wishes   to   become   great   among   you   must   be   your servant,   and   whoever   wants   to   be   first   among   you   must   be   slave   of   all.   For   the Son   of   Man   came   not   to   be   served   but   to   serve,   and   to   give   his   life   a   ransom   for many."
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